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About Us

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Our service is here to make sure that you can enjoy the outdoors without having to worry. Everyone loves to get outdoors in summer, especially if you have a home pool or patio. The problem is you need to be careful out in the sun, especially if you have any children. This can make it hard to enjoy your pool or other outdoor areas when you most want to. It’s pointless having outdoor space that you can’t enjoy when the weather is at its best in summer. So, why not make sure that your outdoor area, pool or patio is summer ready with some help from us? We can provide the shade sail that you need to keep everything cool and comfortable in the shade, whilst still enjoying all the outdoors has to offer around your home. Make sure that you get the most of out of your home this summer.

Our service covers all that you need, both around your home and commercial property, to keep your outdoor areas, including pools and patios, cool and comfortable all summer long. We specialise in planning, design and high quality installation of both shade sails and outdoor shade blinds. We can provide shade sails to match a number of needs and outdoor spaces, as well as providing an array of options when it comes to shape, size and design, including waterproof shade sails. We are the Bendigo sail shade contractor that can help you enjoy your outdoor space in greater comfort and style.