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Why should I get a shade sail installed?

Getting a shade sail installed in your property has many benefits:
1.It makes your outdoors accessible even on hot days. Be it the playground, your BBQ area, your pool, or only anything. Now you can enjoy the summers in your lawns, minus the harmful and scorching sun rays.
2.Shutters are also considered an option. But the problem with them is they cannot be applied everywhere and that they block airflow. So, with shade sails, you can enjoy the breeze while you chill in the summer days.
3.It adds value and beauty to your property. Shade sails are a colourful and modern way to make your outdoors even more comfortable.
Call Bendigo Shade Sails to get your very own shade sail.

What services does your company provide?

Bendigo Shade Sails is an old part of the Bendigo shade sails industry, and our experience has made our portfolio diverse. We are experienced and a complete solution provider.
We can install both the standard as well as custom shade sails. We can do the complete shade sail installation for you. We work in very close coordination with you to get your vision up and working. We do everything from planning and designing to installation. For example, we suggest where to put up the sail and how, it’s size and colour, its material, anything, and everything. At last, we install the sail. We combine your vision and knowledge to give you what you want.
We can also install waterproof shade sails and outdoor shade blinds for you. Also, we can do the design and planning work for you. We study the aesthetics of your building and the requirements of your space, and we make sure the design comes out clean on both the parameters.
Also, we can work with all types of materials. And, we can install a shade sail for any place, be it residential or commercial.
Lastly, we also do repairs, and maintenance works. Mostly it is the seams that get torn due to the winds or snow. We patch them. Or if it is something else, then we do our best to repair it, but sometimes the damage done is beyond repair.

Do you work with custom sails?

Yes, we do. We understand not all requirements are fulfilled by standard sails, and if a custom design is what you need, then we have installed many custom sails, and we do that well. So call Bendigo Shade Sails to get yourcustomized shade sail now.

Are your quotes and consultation services free?

Yes, our quotes and consultation services are completely free of cost.
At Bendigo Shade Sails, we consider it our responsibility first to understand your needs, listen to your requirements and then provide an appropriate solution.
Lastly, we provide a pocket-friendly quote. We value your time and money, so our quotes are affordable and within your budget. With us, you get great results at a great value.

What should I keep in mind while planning my shade sail?

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind while planning your shade sail:
The Sun’s direction:
It is the most critical factor and blocking the sunlight is the crux of why you want a shade sail. The Sun’s direction keeps changing round the year and with the clock. So, check the direction of the Sun during the summer days for maximum effectiveness.
Fixing Points:
There are two ways to this. Either attach them to the building frame or get steel posts and embed them firmly in the ground. Attaching them to sidings or the type is not a good idea as they may not be able to take the load due to the winds.
The height of the sail:
All the four corners of the sail cannot be at the same height. Some slope is necessary. This slope helps in draining the downpour and reflecting the sunlight effectively.
The lower side of the sail is kept towards the Sun. So, that maximum Sun rays are blocked. The lower the sail, the more sunrays are blocked.
Next, check for underground water pipelines that the steel posts may unintentionally damage.
Check your area building rules:
Check your local area building rules, whether they allow the installation of a shade sail or not. If not, you can always install outdoor shade blinds.
You can also consult with a Bendigo Shade Sails consultant for more explanation on this topic.

Are sails waterproof?

Well, the regular sail is about 10% porous. But you can always have a waterproof sail made.
Since the regular shade sail is only 10% porous, most of the water drains away. Only some of the mist hangs on the lower surface. But, this porosity is a blessing in disguise. On hot days this porosity helps the hot air escape through the pores and keeps the area under the sail cooler.
But, if a waterproof sail is your need, then at Bendigo Shade Sails, we make affordable and light-weight waterproof shade sails. But, there are a few constraints that such sails cannot be enormous and also they are more expensive than regular ones.

How much wind can the shade sail withstand?

Shade sails are not meant for high winds or snow. There is no characterization for high winds because the withstanding power of a sail depends on several factors, like installation, age, and design.
Factors regarding installation can be the tightness of the sail, the slope, and the sturdiness of the fixing points. The design factor can include the shape of the sail, whether a triangle, square or twisted. And the age means how old the sail is, older sails are more vulnerable.
So, it is advised to bring your sail down before strong winds start. After the winds start blowing, it is not a good idea, because you may get hurt doing it.
Bendigo Shade Sails installs sails through experts, but they are not meant for being up during strong winds or snow.

Can I attach the sail to my house?

Yes, you can. But you must make sure that what you are attaching the sail to must be strong enough to take the load of the winds. The frame of your house is sturdy enough, but sidings are not a reliable-enough spot to attach the fixing points to.
Also, attaching the fixing points to the roof is not preferable due to the leakage factor.
The right points to attach the fixing points can be planned by the experts at Bendigo Shade Sails, ask our consultants about it.

What is the expected life of a shade sail?

The expected life expectancy of a shade sail is 8 to 10 years and upwards. But, the maintenance and damage factors play a significant role here. A good life span requires proper maintenance. Like, cleaning once in a while and taking it down during rough weather, etc.
Bendigo Shade Sails also recommends proper maintenance to be done of the sails so that you can reap maximum benefits out of your investment.

How do I do the maintenance of my shade sail?

The maintenance of the shade sail is natural and essential. Shade sails do not require much maintenance. But a few measures that you must take are:
1.Clean your sail annually with a low-pressure garden hose. Use a mild detergent and nobleach or any chlorine-based cleaner. Contact with chemicals can damage your shade sail. Also, use a mild brush, if needed.
2.Tighten the shade sail every week or so. This small measure takes a few minutes but goes a long way in lengthening the life of your shade sail.
3.Once in awhile, generally check the fixing points.
4.Lastly, bring down the shade sail before a storm or snow. It is essential as snow and strong winds can tear apart the sail.
Bendigo Shade Sails consultants will readily guide you on the precautions and measures you need to take to maintain your shade sail.

What hardware is needed to put up a sail?

Turnbuckles are needed for sure. But, most of the other hardware is dependent on the installation. No installation is the same, and thus there is no set of hardware that fits all purposes. Although turnbuckles are more significant if the shade sail is more prominent, and smaller if the sail is smaller. The number of screws and their sizeis dependent on the sail design.
Experts at Bendigo Shade Sails can be consulted for more information on the hardware topic.

How high or low can the sail be?

So, this is a matter of design and the purpose of your shade sail. Your sail should be minimum as high to let a person walk through it. But if you do not need to walk through it, it can be as low as possible.
You can consult with experts at Bendigo Shade Sails or invite them for an inspection of your property to understand your requirements and get a design of the sail ready.

How much slope should my shade sail have?

And the answer is, as much as possible. The slope is a good thing for a shade sail. It increases its effectiveness. A proper slope is required for blocking the maximum amount of sunrays. Also, a right slope means most of the rain falling on it would drain away.
So, we recommend a minimum of 30% slope between the highest and the lowest points.
But, according to your design and requirements, you can increase or decrease the slope. More clarification on the topic can be extracted from experts at Bendigo Shade Sails.

There are curves in the edges of the shade sails. Why are they necessary?

Curves in the shade sails are necessary to keep them taut.
How? So, when we pull the corners of the sail, the edges stretch. The stretch in the edges pulls the middle part outwards. This pull from all the sides keeps the sail taut. And prevents the middle part of the shade sail from sagging.
If the middle part sags, water from the downpour will collect in between the shade sail and cause it to damage. Also, a taut sail can withstand more winds, and thus these curves/arches prevent the sail’s possible wear and tear.
Consult an expert at the Bendigo Shade Sails about how much curve should be in a sail according to its size.

What should I keep in mind while planning the fixing points?

Fixing points are a critical issue, and thus proper care should be taken while planning the right spot for fixing points. The spot you plan for the fixing point must be sturdy enough to withstand the pressure borne from the winds.
If you are attaching the fixing points to your house, then make sure you attach them to the frame of your house. Else the sidings, etc. are not a good idea because they do not have the required strength.
If not the house, then consider buying steel posts. Steel posts must have a diameter between 90mm to 150mm. The bigger the sail, the fatter the steel post.
Also, for the footings. So, a steel post must have one-third of its height embedded in the ground. And the footings must be 400mm x 400mm minimum. The bigger the sail, fatter the footings too.
You can always discuss the matter for a better understanding of Bendigo Shade Sails experts.

Why should I choose Bendigo Shade Sails?

Bendigo Shade Sails is an old and experienced part of the Bendigo Shade Sails industry. We can cater to all your shading needs and are a complete solution provider. We have the required experience to work with standard as well as custom shade sails with finesse.
Some of the reasons why you should consider using Bendigo Shade Sails services are:
1.We have a very responsive customer care support that is always eager to attend to all your queries.
2.We understand that quality means working on details. Therefore, we work on details in every project and deliver quality everytime.
3.Ours is a trustworthy company, and we promise there will be no nasty surprises at the end or any hidden costs.
4.Lastly, the crux of all your expectations from us is excellent workmanship. So, we strive towards giving you the best workmanship possible.
We have a delighted customer base that will provide testimony to these claims. And our satisfied client base is what has kept us organically growing throughout these years.