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Shade sails are vital exterior structures that offer protection against natural elements and enhance your property’s aesthetic value. Shade structure protects you from hot sun, rain, hail, and snow. 

Shades are mostly mounted next to the house around the patio area, swimming pool area, or parking lot. Thus, there are many venues that you can protect, and there are several shade sails that you can buy. 

Waterproof shade sail outdoor installation completed in Bendigo

The following are the best Bendigo shade sails in the market.   

Cantilever Shade Structures  

The shade sail offers maximum protection and minimal column obstruction; thus, the viewer has more open space below the shade. The reason is that the structure has two posts on both sides of the support system, which allow users to see what is happening around them. 

The shades are ranked as the best Bendigo shade sail because they are highly versatile, and you can design them according to your preference. Cantilevered shade structure can be customized into unique styles to meet any need. Some of the standard designs are arch, hip, and wing roofs, thus ideal for the patios, pools, parking areas, playground stadium, or picnic areas. 

Hip Shade Structures  

The shade sail offers a straight roofline and a slanted roof. The latter provides more protection from both rains and the sun. With a slanting roof, the snow, rain, and sleet rolls down and falls off from the fabric. On the other hand, the flat roof has the potential of attracting pools of water, which can damage the shade sails fabric. 

The hip shades structure is one of the best Bendigo shade sails because it’s economical, highly stable, and ideal for shading any area. You can use them to cover an extensive area by assembling several hip structures. They are mostly used in multiple seating areas, playgrounds, parking structures, long walkways, or outdoor event spaces.    

Canopy Shade Structures  

These are the most classic and best Bendigo shade sail because they have a full application. You can use them to cover a small area while another homeowner can use theirs to cover a thousand square feet. They are available in both rectangular and square shapes. Curtains can be fixed on the structure to increase privacy, such as in a poolside. They are mostly used on walkways and benches. 

Multipanel Shades  

These are beautiful shade sail because you can customize to create a unique look using different fabric tops. Thus, the multi-panel shades are not only mounted to offer protection but to add an attractive visual element.  

Since the focus is more on creating an aesthetical appearance, these shade sails don’t offer more excellent protection from extreme weather. Thus, you can combine different colours or patterns to create an individualized and unique look. Another reason why multi-panel shades are the best Bendigo shade sails is that you can design them into different styles such as hexagons, octagons, pyramids, and more.   

Umbrella Shade Sails  

These shade sails resemble huge umbrellas that are held together with a metal pole. They are used in residential and commercial areas. You can have cantilever umbrellas or mount them on the wall to enhance your outdoor dining area or the pool.   

Movable umbrella shade sails are mostly mounted on the poolside or outdoor events where they are shifted as the sun moves. 

Umbrella shade installation completed in Bendigo

Factors to Consider when Selecting the Best Bendigo Shade Sails  

The Cost 

The cost of purchasing a shade sail and the labour will determine the type of shade sail you will install. For instance, you can mount 2-3 shade sails to offer a modern look and protection, but the type will depend on the cost of material and labour. 

The Purpose 

As mentioned above, some homeowners install shade sails to offer protection against weather and enhance the aesthetic attraction of their exterior. Thus, you can add shade sails to create a beautiful place for hosting parties free from scorching sun and rain. 

Further, you will choose the colour, shape, and size of the shade sails based on the purpose of mounting them. Thus, before investing in the best Bendigo shade sails, you should consider whether appearance or functionality is your priority. 

The Location 

The place you intend to cover will determine the type of shade sails to buy. For instance, the sun’s path should guide you on the type of shade sails to mount. A sunny area should be covered entirely to offer maximum protection. In other locations, you only fix the shade sails when using the space and dismantles immediately after use. So the location will determine the type of shade sails that you will install. 

The Quality of Fabric  

Shade sails fabrics are available in different texture and quality. The higher the quality and price, the better the protection from inclement weather. Thus, purchase a shade sail with superior quality to offer your family maximum protection from UV rays. On the other hand, you can opt for lighter shade sails that are less costly and offers slight blocking.  

However, you should install a shade sail with better quality in the children’s play area to ensure that they are well-protected. 

The Size the Area 

There is an array of shade sails in the market. The best Bendigo shade sails are available in different shapes, designs, and sizes. Thus, you can purchase rectangular shade sails for larger areas such as a playground, parking, or outdoor event venues. On the other hand, you can install triangular shade sails in smaller spaces. Therefore, consider the size of the available space before selecting the design of the shade sails.  


The best Bendigo shade sails offer your home or business a classy appearance, especially when installed correctly. Thus, you should hire a professional shade sail company such as Bendigo Shade Sail Installations to ensure that they are correctly mounted. 

Further, shade sails such as cantilever, canopy, and hip shade structures are enormous structures that can cause injuries or deaths when they fall as a result of extreme weather or when the poles are not strong enough to bear the weight of the entire structure. 

Therefore contact  Bendigo Shade Sail Installations at 0491 604 068 or email us at for a quote and more suggestions. 

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