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Commercial Shade Sails

close up to shade sail details

Outdoor space around your commercial property can be seriously valuable, but only if you can make full use of it. In the summer heat, this can be especially tough, but we have the perfect solution. We provide a commercial shade sail service, which can help to install shade sails that are perfect for your business and the outdoor space that you have. This way, you can make use of your outdoor areas all summer long. The shade sails that we provide can be perfect if you are a business that regularly deals with children or offers outdoor spaces for customers to enjoy.

Commercial Shade Sails

Along with your home, you’ll find that our shade sails and quality installation services are also highly suitable for commercial properties as well. Making sure that the outdoor space of your business is highly suitable and safe for use during summer and other periods of warm weather is important, especially for businesses of a certain kind. We can provide a range of highly suitable options to suit the needs of many different outdoor spaces. Our commercial services cater to a number of different business and institutions. Please call us to find out if our services are available for your business.

Perfect for Outdoor Spaces

If you’re a business that provides outdoor spaces for your customers to enjoy, then shade sails are just what you need. Our shade sails are perfect for outdoor spaces, helping to make them more comfortable and enjoyable even during the hottest part of the day. This way, you can keep everyone happy and comfortable, and make the best use of all the space that you have. No matter the weather, the shade sails that we install can help you get the most of out any outdoor space that you have. So, don’t let space go to waste around your commercial property.


If you’re a business that offers outdoor spaces for customers to enjoy, such as a bar or café, then ensuring that your outdoor area is suitable is imperative. This includes offering protection against the sun. A newly installed shade sail won’t only just look great, it will also ensure your outdoor area is protected against sun, making it perfect for summertime. Along with that, if you choose a waterproof shade sail then you are also protecting your customers and patrons from the rain as well.

Design and Options

The shade sail services that we provide also includes installation and planning, so you, along with our team, can design a set of shade sails that are perfectly suited to the outdoor space that you have, and the way in which you intend to use them. Along with this, we also provide a number of options when it comes to the type of sails you can have installed, including waterproof shade sails, as well as the shape and design. We can design and install a triangle shade sail, a square shade sail or whatever other shape is suitable.