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Shade Sail Planning and Design

big outdoor shade sail

Making sure that you get the most out of any new shade sail that you want to be installed is imperative. This involves planning and design. We are the team that can provide you with a range of shade sail ideas, and can help you best understand how to properly utilise shade sails in your outdoor space. We are the shade sail contractor that are experts in planning and design. We can provide a triangle sail, a square sailor a shade sail rectangle or design anything else that’s perfectly suitable for space and use that you have in mind.

Shade Sail Planning and Design

An important step in the process of getting a new sail shade for your home or commercial property is planning and design. It’s important that certain factors, such as the space that you have, are taken into consideration, and that’s what we do in this step of the process. We work together with you to plan and design a shade sail that you are completely satisfied with, and that’s suitable for what you have in mind.  Our planning services can also be useful if you aren’t quite sure what might work or how you can use the outdoor space that you have most effectively.

Custom Designs

Our experience and expertise when it comes to shade sail planning and design mean that we can ensure that any shade sails that we install are custom designed. Not only to fit the amount of space that you have but also the for purpose you intend it for, whether that’s as shade for your pool, patio or even if you want shade sails for your garden area. This way, you can be completely sure your new shade sails are suitable and will provide you with the best use. Otherwise, there’s simply no point in having anything installed in the first place.

Perfect for You

Our expertise when it comes to shade sail design means that we can provide you with the perfect shade sail to match your outdoor space and other important requirements. That means, you can always expect to get just what you want and need. Even if you aren’t exactly sure what might work or what you need, or team can help work you through everything until we create the design, one which you are completely satisfied with. Get nothing less than what you want with our service.


One of the most common ways that many homes take advantage of shade sails is to install them over their pools. This helps to provide adequate sun protection, so you can stay in your pool for longer without having to worry. Our design services cover pool shade cover ideas and design. This is because we understand that a one fits all solution simply isn’t an option or a job like this. Your yard, and the shape of your pool, are unique, and you need a unique approach and design to get the best possible result.