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Shade Sail Installation

black shade sail block sun ray

Summer is a great time to be outdoors, but it does come with some drawbacks. We know that you want to enjoy and soak up all the good weather, but there’s also a real risk if you are out in the sun too long. Our service provides the perfect way for you to soak up all that the outdoor weather has to offer without having to worry. A shade sail can be the perfect way to ensure that your outdoor space can be used all day in the summertime so that there’s no reason to be stuck inside when the weather is at its best.

Shade Sail Installation

Shade sail installation is one of the many services that we specialise in. Preparing for summer around your home can require a lot of work. Investing in a shade sail for your outdoor space can also be a good idea. Summer is best enjoyed outdoors, but it can be hard to balance that with being sun smart, especially if you have young children. A shade sail means that your outdoor area is safe and shaded, perfect for enjoying the outdoors all day. We are the Bendigo shade sail installer that provides shade sail installation, including shade sails with posts.

Outdoor Safety

We all know the importance of sun safety. A new shade sail for your outdoor patio or other outdoor areas that is a great way to protect you and your family from UV rays, so you can enjoy the outdoors safely. This is especially great if you have young children who love to play outside. Investing in a shade sail is the best way to make sure that your outdoor space is always safe and ready for use, especially when the suns out in summer.


Your very own pool is the best place to enjoy hot summer days, but you also need to be careful and be conscious of the amount of time you spend in the sun. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, as it’s easy to lose track of time, especially for children, when enjoying a swim in the pool. We provide an easy and practical solution. We can provide a pool shade as part of our service. A shade for your pool is the perfect way to keep your pool safe, so you can enjoy it all day without having to worry.

Custom Design

The best part about the shade services that we offer is that we specialise in custom design. We understand that the shape of your yard, and the intended use of the shade you are having installed, needs to be taken into account to get you the right result. We can design the perfect shade to fit both the outdoor space and intended use. We can provide a triangle shade sail, a square shade sail or even a large shade sail depending on your needs and the outdoor space that you have. So, whatever type of shade you are after, our service can provide it.