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Shade sails on residential and commercial buildings are standard features. These are true not only in Australia but throughout the world. Restaurants and resorts use shade sails to provide their staff and visitors with shade and defence. It is also well as to improve their businesses ‘ appeal. This is why several homeowners use this. To provide a practical solution to housing extensions. Aside from that, it also reduces electricity bills. But then how advantageous these things can be, and do these benefits outweigh the corresponding drawbacks of using shade sails?

The Shade Sail Pros
A Shade Sail Provides Excellent Sun Protection

More and more Australians are thinking of buying and installing shade sails. This is primarily because they want to get the much-needed sun protection, especially during hot summer months. With a shade sail, we can love the outdoors as much as we like without the risk of developing skin diseases, including skin cancer. A shade sail can also secure many components. However, we are fortunate enough to live in one of the world’s hottest climates; we may be surprised by afternoon storms from Australian summers.

Well, you can be comfortable with a shade sail mounted knowing that you shield yourself from harsh weather situations and hail. It is essential also if you are having fun outdoors as the use of shade sails helps ensure that you are safe against any unpredictable changes in weather.

A Shaded Sail Has A Great Esthetic Importance

A single or multiple shade sail is very useful in adding aesthetic appeal to both residential and commercial buildings, as long as the consumer selects the colours and designs that suit the architectural design of the house. Experts believe that one way to increase the total value of your property without spending a fortune is to add shade sails.

A Shade Sail Provides Excellent Ventilation And Cooling

High-quality shade sails, provide additional ventilation and cooling for your house, which is essential when the climate gets hot. Installing this universal shade solution in strategic locations can help keep the sun rays from entering the home, thereby preventing the temperature down.

A Shade Sail Can Be Installed Very Easily

Something that most people love regarding shade sails is that they can be quickly mounted and removed without adverse effects on the house or establishment to which they are attached.

The Shade Sail Cons
Will Find It Difficult To Survive A Storm

Although shade sails can be highly effective in protecting against the sun, some, especially those of low quality, are unable to withstand severe weather. The fabric may degrade due to the accumulation of water during severe storms. Rest easy knowing that the Bendigo Shade Sail Installations are of the best quality and made for the most durable fabrics. We help you avoid storm damage by offering professional advice on how to correctly mount your shade sails so that instead of collecting in the centre, the water can drain off to the sides.

Shade Sails Can Be A Fire Hazard

While this does not occur quite often, you should remember that there are some cases where shade sail will catch fire. It can result in damaging the structure that the shade is attached to. One way to prevent this is to purchase a shade sail which is the cloth that’s fire retardant – just like the products we’re selling at Bendigo Shade Sail Installations.

You Need Help For The Installation Of The Structure

For installation, a shade sail needs at least three supports or posts. To prevent this, you should take down a shade sail.

There you’ve got it, from an expert in the field, the pros, and cons of shade sails. For more information about shade sail, contact us at 0491 604 068 or email us at

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