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Do you have a shade sail, and is it a standard or waterproof type? The reason why many homeowners install shade sails is to provide a refreshing outdoor environment free from UV radiation.   

These shade sails are affordable and attractive, but they are made of cloth that allows water to pass through during the rainy season. 

A waterproof shade sail offers extra protection from the rain, which can dampen the spirits during a summer barbeque with family and friends. They are, in fact, an all-weather solution because they are built with a waterproof fabric.  

Here is a photo of a waterproof Shade sail installation done in Bendigo.

Material Used On Waterproof Shade Sails  

The fabric used on these shade sails is entirely impermeable and superior to the canvas material used in the construction of traditional camping tents. Shade sail manufacturers have developed an excellent material such as a woven high-density polyethylene (HDP) fabric with a mono-filament. The fabric has a coat on both sides of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) to provide the protective weather barrier. 

Waterproof shade sails are porous; thus, they can permit hot air to escape to provide a calm and pleasant environment. An impermeable fabric that can’t allow warm air to escape will not be suitable during summer months. On the other hand, a breathable shade sail will allow water to drip through the porous fabric. 

Therefore, since waterproof shade sails are not completely impermeable, homeowners may go for both waterproof and standard shade sails based on their requirements. 

Comparison between Standard and Waterproof Shade Sails 

Standard Shade Sails

They are made of fabric that blocks out approximately 95-97% of the UV radiations. These materials have a wide selection of colours and can be customized based on your shape and size requirements.   

The shade sails can be cleaned under pressure washer, are fire retardant, have low maintenance, and can last more than 15 years. 

They are mostly used as domestic and commercial solutions like in schools and car parks.   

Waterproof Shade Sails

Most of these shade sails use PVC that is coated with a particular waterproofing layer, which is 100% UV rays-resistant and waterproof. These shade sails are customizable and can last for more than 15 years. 

Reasons Why You Should Invest in Waterproof Shade Sails 

Shade sails are great accessories that can transform the aesthetics of your property, giving it a stunning look. They protect against the sun and rain. The following are the best reasons why you should invest in waterproof shade sails. 

Strength and Durability

These shade sails are made of durable PVC material that has tensile strength. Further, the material can be stretched without affecting its capacity to protect against UV rays. 


The sails can be used in several places, such as commercial building entrance and patio covers. You can fasten them on an existing structure or install a post. 

Functionality and Aesthetic Value

Waterproof shade sails are attractive and can offer protection against the sun and water. 


Waterproof shade sails are less costly when compared to permanent shades. For instance, they can be installed in a school to provide additional shade as required by the government regulations. Thus, these shades will provide excellent protection at a reasonable cost and last longer. 

Lower Energy Bills

Shade sails allow you to enjoy the outdoor environment when it’s scotching instead of staying indoors under the air conditioner. Thus, Aussies can escape from the sweltering heat by sitting in a cool area. Further, you can continue sitting outdoor when there is a light storm or rainfall. 

Installations of Waterproof Shade Sail 

A photo of our waterproof shade sail installation done in Bendigo

As stated, it’s not possible to ultimately have an impermeable waterproof shade material that is also breathable. However, you can mount shade sails in a manner that can enhance their functionality. 

For instance, you shouldn’t mount shade sails flat to minimize the risk of water pooling in a particular section of the structure. The shade sail fabric is slightly porous; thus, it allows water to drip through it. 

The sail should be mounted with a twist or at an angle that gives it an appealing, stylish appearance. Further, rainwater will run off, thus enhancing its waterproof abilities. 

However, water may drip through the material during a torrential downpour, and the stormy conditions will blow the fabric. Thus, there is no waterproof fabric that can guarantee 100% protection in these conditions. 

Therefore, you should not relax outside during a stormy and windy condition because the structure can be brought down and injure someone. 

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Shade Sails 

Area to Cover

Shade sails can cover a wide area based on their design. Most traditional shade sails have a triangular shape; thus, you have to join several of them together. Therefore, they can’t offer 100% protection from sunlight or rain due to the gaps between sails. 

Colour and Style

Shade sails should add to the aesthetic value of your property. Therefore, they shouldn’t be accustomed only to provide protection but to blend with the colour of your business branding or home. Shade sails should be custom designed in a more formal way to give a professional appearance when installed on your company premises and a relaxed or stylish look at your home. 


Shades sails are priced based on the fabric that is used to make them. On the other hand, these structures are not permanent; thus, they are not durable and have to be replaced regularly when they become dirty, stained, faded, or worn out due to cyclonic winds. 

Level of Protection

Australia has temperamental weather. One day the wind may be perfect, but the next day it’s vigorous. Shade sails are designed to bear a certain level of winds; however, these fabrics can’t withstand cyclonic winds because they are not permanent structures that can endure stable weather conditions. 

Therefore, shade sails are made to offer protection against UV rays and water but not vigorous weather conditions. It’s recommended to take shade sails down during rough weather and to re-erect them again when it passes.  


Waterproof shade sails are the all-weather solution for they are made from PVC fabric that is strong, flexible, and long-lasting. 

If you are looking for waterproof shade sails for your business or home, contact Bendigo Shade Sail Installations at 0491 604 068 or email us at for a quote and suggestions. 

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